The Platform

Any business can be analytically agile with Agilytics. The only requirement is a desire to put data to work, effortlessly. Agilytics delivers, with factory-like efficiency.

Agilytics for Banking sits on top of the platform. Analytics tailored to banking + no-nonsense design make these specialized products true game changers, even for small community-based FIs.

The Products

Combined or independently, the products that comprise the Agilytics platform systematically deliver outstanding results, thanks to automation, optimization & easy customization.

Like what you see, but still feel hesitant? Agilytics is also available as delivered services.


Agility Engine

Consume web services on our cloud, a little or a lot. Apply scores, rules, logic--anything analytical really, without lifting a finger. And unlike those other guys, everything is super fast & affordable.

On Premise

Agilytics ML

The easiest most precise tool for predictive & descriptive modeling. Our hybrid engine uses ML, statistical analysis & proprietary magic to generate custom, deployment ready algorithms. No coding. No data dirty work. No time wasted. Booya!

Sad emoji because predictive analytics can be overwhelming, especially for SMBs.

Agilytics RULES

Business friendly decisioning? Yep. Domain experts graphically create & implement decision flows. No programming, despite intricate logic needs. Using predictive & descriptive models is a snap. Ok, click. The point is it's super easy & powerful.

Automating predictive analytics from start to finish changes everything, like when cameras got smarter, cheaper and easier.

Agilytics TASKS

Arguably, the work horse of the platform. Data processing is not glamorous, especially batch, but it's a must-have, so make it easy on yourself. Schedule tasks with or completely independent from the Agilytics platform. You're welcome!

Happy emoji because data scientists and analysts finally have something to smile about.

Agilytics SERVER

ML Ops & ModelOps minus hassles. Version. Test. Manage. Deploy. All super convenient + no coding even for special data handling. Ditto for requests from Agilytics RULES, TASKS & other applications. Push button easy, all the way.

Automating predictive analytics from start to finish changes everything, like when cameras got smarter, cheaper and easier.

VOLTAGE ffor banking

Clients call our smart data hub & pipeline the best thing ever. Data systematically served up 'just so' enterprise-wide. A system of record? No longer a struggle. Ditto for department numbers jiving. And shorter, more productive board meetings. A myriad of data issues, resolved automatically, daily.

COA ffor banking

(Customer Opportunity Advisor)

CRM on steroids. Proactive, but never pushy. And fully accountable, without increasing anyone’s workload. Every opportunity worth pursuing is systematically pushed to customer facing staff, daily, along with what's needed for a successful outcome. So long, sales reluctance.

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