30 Years of Predictive AI

& So Much More

Time really does fly when you're having fun. Who knew our original goal, to automate predictive modeling, would lead to all this!

Naturally, we're thrilled to celebrate three decades of analytical innovation. We're also excited for the future and new things that are in the works.

We may not take ourselves too seriously. When it comes to what we do though, we're all business:

Cute finger puppets in party hats celebrating Agilytics 30 Year anniversary

Check out the humorous version

Push Button ML Ops

Maintenance Free
Decision Ops

Instant Web Services
(Our Cloud or Yours)

Special Solutions for
Financial Institutions

No Coding

Free DataOps

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NO MORE Data Dirty WorK

Agilytics eliminates the tedious, time consuming work of data prep. Learn all about it in the following story on Dartmouth & Agilytics.
Dartmouth Pine Cone Logo Mark
"Agilytics does the data dirty work so students can do the 'smart' work"

For nearly two decades, Professor Scott Neslin, PhD, has used Agilytics and its predecessor in his classroom at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. Some might wonder how a software application remains relevant for that long. According to Dr. Neslin, it's because what Agilytics does, it does it very well, and very fast. Read the full story.

Professor Scott NesliN

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Agilytics is Universal

Any business, regardless of size, can benefit from Agilytics. All you need is data & a desire to achieve more, analytically & effortlessly.

Get Agilytical. Anywhere. Everywhere.

Twin women, both wearing peacock feathers on their heads, and one of them is shaved bald
Ordinary look-a-likes? Rare
big-spend-beauties? Know instantly
sales gauge pointed towards growth
Don't just nudge the needle
now & then--keep it high & steady
close up of hand cutting grass with scissors
Precision is important. So is
productivity. Get both & get mowing!
Hand holding big red horseshoe shaped magnet
Keeping them should be just
as easy as finding them
Pinocchio-like puppet with very very long nose
Can't pay or won't pay?
Know what matters on Day 1
Close up of man with face stubble holding a moustache disguise under his nose.
Eliminate costly false positives,
early defaults & manual review
Schematic of IOT related things
From mass transit to medical
treatment, smarter is better.
Someone dropping coins into cute piggy bank
Special analytical applications for
FIs that don't break the bank.
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Last Mile Logistics To Love

The back-end of data driven ops is frankly, a nightmare. Hooray for Agilytics! Deployment & maintenance go from groans to grins.